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Here's what some of the people we've worked with have said about Lusia Reedy and the team at Foundationz.

“She mentored and educated my family”

Daniel Tupua-Siliva

When I met Lusia I had an idea of using the equity in my parents’ home to undertake major renovations on the home, i.e. adding rooms, full exterior and interior make over and adding a 3 bedroom minor dwelling. All this by combining the incomes of my siblings, parents and myself to firstly get the funds and bring the mortgage down quickly before investing in rental properties or family members using the equity to purchase their own home. 

Basically with guidance and Lusia’s experience in property, finance, debt management, mortgage lending and real life family situations we were able to get to this point. She took us under her wing. She worked tirelessly to understand and find the best solutions for our individual situation.

At the same time she mentored and educated us so that we could make decisions on the direction we needed to take moving forward. It wasn’t a grab and run. She saw us through each stage and past big advancements she was there looking towards the next step.

Lucy continues to take an active interest in our family’s progress. She is someone who is only a phone call or email way ready with advice and encouragement. She has encouraged me to mentor other families and friends to get their financial situations in line and working towards goals and more value for their hard work.      

Results :

  • We consolidatedall existing debts with set amounts (depending on your debt) paid by all family members.
  • Formed a family trustwith trustees and beneficiaries.
  • Life, house and income protection insurance sorted.
  • Internet banking and direct debit set up for all outgoings, i.e. rates, power etc….
  • Purchasedrental property with in the first year for the trust.
  • Currently buildingminor dwelling on family property with renovations to follow on main house.
  • Family members increased understandingof debt management and 
  • High weekly input from family members allowing for larger mortgage repayments.


“Lusia is very professional and goes the extra mile”

Dr Will Reedy, CEO, Nautilus Health Limited

I initially met Lusia when I was looking to take my business into its next growth phase. Through her network she introduced me to an organisation that will help me deliver the vision for my company, and we are on track for an expected 500% growth in revenue this financial year. Lusia has provided and helped me with sound business advice and a number of business banking solutions that provides me with the flexibility to grow my business as and when needed.

In addition, I have recently set up a new trust to purchase investment property. Lusia was able to provide me with advice on the appropriate structurefor my trust and provided me with financial advice on how I could purchase a new home for my kids and I. 

With Lusia’s assistance I was able to organise a pre-approved mortgage so I had the ability to make offers on multiple properties. My trust in Lusia further extended to appointing her as a nominee to purchase a house on my behalf at auction (due to my unavailability with business commitments).

During this time I unfortunately had a change in personal circumstances and have been through a less than ideal separation from my previous partner. For the last year Lusia has provided me with sound business and balanced legal advice to ensure that I have the best possible personal and financial outcome from my separation. Lusia also assisted me by putting me in contact with reputable rental property manager to rent out my family home while awaiting court proceedings. Lusia has also provided me a network of legal professionals that have also assisted me with relationship property matters.  

I cannot recommend Lusia highly enough. She offers a wide range of services to her current and future clients. Also the services Lusia given to me was very professional, and she goes the extra mile and provides outstanding service. She is somebody you can rely on and trust with full confidence. Lusia has that rare ability to bring together her extensive legal and financial knowledge, business acumen and her business network to provide pragmatic and practical advice and solutions.


“Lusia Reedy has been one of the most influential women in my life”

Clarice Chung

My name is Clarice Chung. I am of Asian Descent and born and raised in Fiji. I moved to New Zealand in my late teens to seek an education in the Health Sector. Growing up I guess one would say I grew up with a “silver spoon in my mouth”. Life was easy with good family support.

Lusia Reedy is a friend of the family but someone who I did not know well. Upon spending more time with Lusia I found that she had an endless amount of energy to help others and her entrepreneurship made her an interesting person to be around. Her personal attributes of coming from very humble beginnings, having a positive attitude, working hard and doing well for herself inspired me to want to become independent with my finances.

To date, she has been one of the most influential women in my life. She basically taught me that I had to start preparing financially for the future and gave me direction on what my goals should consist of. She showed me that I had to create the world I wanted to live in and not depend on others to provide for my well-being. 

I’ve been privileged to meet her in my relatively young age. She mentored me about the financial side of life. Having a Health Science background, it was all a bit too confusing for me at times and being very cautious about money, I needed a lot of time from her to gain more confidence with numbers. 

Lusia was excellent at making things simple for me to understand. Everything was done on paper and she would go through calculations and budgeting. I do remember her telling me to cut down on my spending at the mall and I can recall almost throwing in the towel! Using her mentoring skills about small sacrifices for bigger purposes and again going through my goal-setting, thankfully I was back on track. 

I bought my first home when I turned 25, literally got my mortgage as a present on my birthday. Meeting with Lusia did not end there. She re-did my budget and helped me reset my goals to allow me to make my next purchase 6 months later. This followed 2 more purchases in the following months. 

Lusia and I keep in constant contact. She is now a mother figure to me and we share a very special friendship. I am very excited having her in my life, she continues to guide me in my decision-making and we are working on future prospects. I wish her all the best in her business and know she will do well.

- Clarice Chung


“Lusia made the buying process as simple and stress-free as possible”

Talei Presland, Dietician & Nutritionist

Foundationz supported me in purchasing my first home last year. Lusia took the time to understand my financial position including my short and long term financial goals. She worked with the banks to secure my mortgage in addition to the insurance policies that are required when purchasing a house. 

Lusia explained all the financial requirements in a clear and concise manner and made the buying process as simple and stress-free as possible. 

Her personable approach and ongoing support is an asset - I have no hesitation in recommending Foundationz / Lusia Reedy for financial support.


“Lusia is very inventive with difficult cases”

I have known Lusia for almost four years, first as a client and then as a colleague.

I have always found her to be very hard-working and very inventive when it comes to dealing with a situation where the solution is not immediately apparent.

In a number of cases, I have witnessed Lusia’s persistence and creativity result in clients obtaining loans or purchasing property where those outcomes had previously (and to others) seemed unlikely or impossible.

I am happy to recommend Lusia as a broker or advisor.

Chris Jackson, Lawyer, Campbell Law


"We look forward to continuing our financial relationship with Lusia"

The world of finance is daunting to a family whose main concerns are school lunches and what to have for tonight's dinner. The terminology alone was confusing and made little sense. Lusia was always available to support and advise us in all decisions we had to make. The stress we initially felt in making a significantly huge financial decision was made easier with a person we trusted and knew had our best interests at heart and who saw our success as a job well done.

Lusia was instrumental in securing us a refinance package for our properties. She worked tirelessly for our benefit. The process at times wasn't easy and we seemed to be stone walled by the legality of “dotting the i's and crossing the t's”, but she stood with us and unravelled all the knots and got everything back on track.

Lusia was always accessible and if we needed to contact her for advice or to simplify documents she would always reply to emails or phone messages if my husband or I couldn't speak with her personally. She was always patient with us answering all questions and helping us to understand all the processes, what they meant and how important they were to the overall scheme of things. She treated us fairly and we were never made to feel inept. She spoke to us, never down to us. She never once made us feel if we were a hassle or an inconvenience.

Lusia has a very strong work ethic and that is evident in her commitment to see things through. Your success is her success. She works hard and long to gain great results, and if you stumble you can rely on her to help you back on your feet and cheer you on. I have to admit there were times when I thought we would never get to the finish line, but we did and I attribute that to my husband and to Lusia who both never lost sight of the bigger picture.

If you need honest, fair and trustworthy financial advice look no further than Lusia Reedy. What she has taught us she has lived through it all herself. She has instilled her successes into her own children. They have achieved their own success, through understanding financial processes and being disciplined in saving and reaching goals realistically. There is no better testament than that.

Natalie and William Latu
Tupua-Siliva Family


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