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Why LIFE Insurance?

It’s a piece of mind so you can sleep well at night. When the unforeseen circumstances beyond your control happen, there are funds to protect and provide for your family. When you die, you leave bills behind that your family have to pay, such as your burial or cremation costs. Your loss of income can put a struggle on your family to pay the mortgage or rent, support your children, pay the everyday bills, etc. This protection provides your family with a large sum (or monthly payments) to take care of what you can no longer provide.


If you become permanently disabled, you have lost your biggest asset which is your ability to earn income. How do you pay your bills for the rest of your life? How do you provide for your family? How do you support your business? This type of protection gives you a large sum (or monthly payments) to take care of what you can no longer earn to cover. Some plans give certainty at claim time, some have no ACC offsets, while others provide tax deductible premiums.


If you become sick or have an accident to the point where you cannot work, this benefit will supplement your income or pay your mortgage. Your ability to earn an income should be your greatest asset, so that is why you need to protect it.

Why TRAUMA Insurance?

If you get diagnosed with cancer, have a stroke, heart attack, or any other major common illness, it will take some time to recover. During that time, you will need time off work and still be required to pay bills. This benefit will give you a one off payment to go towards whatever you want to put it towards. Example: medical bills, travel expenses, mortgage/rent, additional childcare, etc.


If you get sick, this protection plan covers over 60 medical conditions with financial help. This is one of the least expensive plans and pays you multiple times throughout your life. Benefits range up to $1,000,000.

Why HEALTH Insurance?

Your health is a big asset in life and you want the best healthcare possible. If you get sick or injured and need care, this coverage will help pay for hospitalization cost, surgery expenses, testing fees, medication and other additional cost during recovery.

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