Foundationz – FAQ’s


Q. Is the first consultation really free?

  1. Absolutely. There is no charge for the initial meeting to discuss your financial situation.


Q. Can you help me to get a mortgage?

  1. We have a wide network of potential suppliers and we know exactly what each supplier requires and what they are able to offer. Usually we can negotiate a loan at a better interest rate than you can get yourself. Plus, we will structure the mortgage in such a way that it is specific to your needs.


Q. What is your Money Mentoring service?

  1. After our initial meeting we may identify some areas of your financial planning that could be improved. There is no obligation, but you may be interested in joining one of our mentoring services that will be fully customised to your specific financial goals.


Q. I have a poor credit history, can you still help me?

  1. We have worked with many clients who were in the same situation as you. You can read about some of them on our Testimonials page. We will work with you to develop a financial plan that is suitable for you.


Q.How does Foundationz get paid?

  1. If you join one of our Money Mentoring programmes, then you will pay a fee for this. If we obtain a loan or insurance policy for you, we will receive a commission from the provider; full details about this will be disclosed to you by your consultant.


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