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About Us

Foundationz was established in 2008 and has built a solid reputation as a respected provider of information, advice, products and support that enable you to achieve your financial goals.

We are more than simply a supplier of mortgage and insurance products.

We are all about creating strong foundations within your personalised financial plan.

So that you can make prudent decisions and manage your money well.

Step-by-step we’re with you.

As you achieve one financial goal, we’ll set you on the right path for achieving your next one.

This way we ensure strong and stable progress towards your financial goals.


The tree of life

Foundationz uses the example of the tree of life as its core philosophy.

The coconut tree is known as the tree of life.

It's been acknowledged as a vital ingredient in sustaining human life throughout the Pacific.

The coconut’s bounties are many: oil, fuel, soap, clothing, woven and shell products, shelter and furniture; as well as a sustained source of income.

This is why the coconut tree is known as the tree of life.

A man can easily live on the many bounties the coconut tree has to offer, but he must fully understand and obtain knowledge of its benefits and apply the wisdom accordingly.

Those who plant a coconut tree provide themselves with:

  • Food and drink;
  • Vessels and clothing;
  • Habitation;
  • Heritage for their children



Foundationz is a Mortgage and Insurance company which is highly focused and passionate about wisdom with your money.


Our vision is highly focused upon helping you to:

  • Obtain and maintain lifestyle choices
  • Manage your money effectively
  • Achieve and uphold financial freedom

Our down-to-earth approach means that this is all possible from even the most humble beginnings.

What does this mean?

It means anyone from all income brackets whether you are a cleaner or kitchen-hand, a lawyer or a doctor, everyone can achieve the same financial outcomes in their lives.

It’s not how much you earn; it’s how you spend it.


Lusia Reedy

Lusia Reedy is passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals

Foundationz Owner and Director Lusia Reedy has an extensive knowledge and experience of establishing successful small businesses. 

She’s done the hard yards herself: starting as a cleaner, she then owned a successful nightclub and bar for a number of years, which then saw her establish her investment property portfolio. In fact, Lusia purchased her first investment property when she was earning $8 an hour for a part time job (and she was a full time mum too). Lusia believes that, “it’s not about how much you earn – it’s how you spend it that matters.”

Thanks to shrewd investment decisions and sharp negotiating skills, Lusia now owns a range of commercial and residential investment properties in New Zealand, Samoa and Fiji.

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