Imagine your life when your financial goals are being achieved

Your financial goals will evolve at the different stages of your life.

When you’re first starting work, perhaps your focus is on paying off a student loan.

Perhaps you’ll want to reward yourself with an extended overseas trip.

Then there will be buying your first home.

Before you know it, there’s a family to consider and children aren’t cheap.

Research suggests that raising and supporting a child through to the age of 25 will cost the parents around $1 million in total.

That’s a number which makes everyone stop and think, isn’t it?

At some point your family will likely outgrow your home, so you’ll move into a bigger and more expensive home.

During the ‘teenager’ years you can expect to significantly increase your expenses.

Then you’re looking to scale back things as you start approaching the end of your working life.

Can you afford to stop working?

Do you have enough passive income to provide you with the lifestyle that you want?

At Foundationz we are all about ensuring that your financial goals are achieved.

Isn’t it comforting to know that some simple planning steps can avoid lifestyle compromises?


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